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Say hello to the Centric Ambassador program

It’s our affiliate program for one-of-a-kind creators who are innovative, daring, and have an undeniable zest for life just like you. We welcome the outsiders, the pack leaders, and the bold type, whether you’re an influencer, instagrammer, fitness enthusiast, trainer, or a centric lover. Centric ambassadors make waves and lead by example.

But what does being a Centric ambassador mean? Glad you asked! Because we believe in creating amazing pieces for our Tribe, we want you to try them - and love them. We also know you’ve got a keen eye for creating beautiful, captivating content and we’d love to partner with you. In exchange for your content creation featuring our products, you’ll get to earn commission from every sale that you generate. Oh, and we’ll also send you some well-earned perks.

As an ambassador, here are some of the fantastic perks you’ll get:

  • Earn 8% commission on each sale generated from your ambassador links and personal discount code
  • A monthly 25% discount coupon on any single order after getting accepted to the program
  • As you share your love, you’ll earn one free product for every five that are purchased using your ambassador links/ personal discount code
  • Get on the VIP list for all of our online or offline events
  • Tribe visibility. We’ll share and tag your content on all Centric social media channels. You might also get an opportunity to be featured in some reputable magazine and print content.

How Do You Get Started?

  • Click this link to apply for the ambassador program. We’ll review your application and follow up with you!

  • Once you’re accepted into the program, it’s time for you to unleash your imagination and create some of that fantastic content. We’re talking  photos, reviews, videos, the whole smorgasbord.

  • Keep spreading the Centric love by throwing some shoutouts and promotions our way. Featuring our products on your website or social media is a great way to do this. But don’t forget to include your personal ambassador link and/or ambassador discount code!

    After you’ve created your fabulous content, don't forget to tag us @centric! Feel free to use our favorite community hashtags: #centricwear #centriclife #wearconfidence #highonsweat #letcolormoveyou

  • The hard work is done now! For every product that’s purchased through your link, we’ll send you your well-deserved commission.