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Our Story

Self-Expression, Performance, and Fitness are at the core of who we are. In 2018, we set out to combine a passion for performance activewear with a desire for self-expression.

But Centric started with a problem. We could not find a good source for high performance athletic apparel in the color options we wanted.

You see…

We love fitness. We love athletic wear. And we believe color helps power self-expression. But even living in New York, we couldn’t find a single fitness apparel retailer that checked all the boxes. So, Centric was born.

Initially, we just wanted to offer people like us more color options in performance athletic wear. But we soon came to a more profound realization: color isn’t simply about self-expression.

Color has the power to reflect and inspire our moods and attitudes while simultaneously giving us the ability to highlight our individuality.


It is our mission to provide high-performance apparel in unique color options and to inspire you to express yourself while getting your sweat on. Whether you’re going to be walking, jumping, lifting, or sprinting, we want you to have the right color in fitness apparel that will inspire you to #wearconfidence and live your #centriclife.


Centric exists to help reflect and inspire the moods and attitudes of the modern athlete across the globe throughout colorful self-expression.

Our aim is to do color in innovative athletic wear better than anyone else.

Psychology of Color:

Color can reflect your mood, motivate your performance, and give you the power of self-expression. We promise to work every day to bring you color options that represent you and your lifestyle.

Intentional in Design:

It’s all about the details. We design for performance, functionality, style, and comfort. Every pocket and zipper is intentionally placed to enhance your workout and fit your lifestyle. Whether you are heading to the gym or running to the grocery store, our designs make your life easier. Additionally, Centric apparel is crafted to compliment your body so that you always look good and feel amazing.

Engineered for Performance:

Like you, we walk, we run, we jump, we even lounge… sometimes. But when we’re out to train or compete we want athletic apparel that performs. That’s why we’ve developed fabric technologies engineered for softness, durability, flexibility, and athletic performance of every kind.


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