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Sweat Wicking, Anti-Odor (Stink-Free), Smooth Finish, 4-way Stretch, Quick-Drying

Hi-Flex™ is a premium quality fabric that offers smooth finish, lightweight, freedom of movement and stretch.

With quickdry and anti-odor technologies, Hi-Flex™ is the ideal companion for any type of training or just about any daily activity.

Sweat Wicking
Smooth Finish
4-way Stretch


Sweat Wicking, Quick-Drying, Silky Soft, 4-way Stretch, Anti-Odor (Stink-Free)

SilkTek™ is a revolutionary fabric treatment that contains silk element to increase softness. This super-lightweight performance fabric is the ideal companion for any type of training or just about any daily activity.

Sweat Wicking
Silky Soft
4-way Stretch


Sweat Wicking, 4-way Stretch, Anti-Odor, Buttery Soft, Quick Drying

WonderKnit™ is a ground-breaking material that contains acrylic fibers that were made to perform. No more struggling to keep a cool head with this sweat-wicking, anti-odor, and uber-soft material. Brushed on the outside for premium plushness.

Sweat Wicking
4-way Stretch
Buttery Soft
Quick Drying


Sweat Wicking, 4-way Stretch, Anti-Odor, Silky Soft, Quick Drying, Water Resistant

Made of a nylon/spandex performance material blend, our luxe CoreFit™ material was developed to keep you comfortable, dry, and cool day in and day out.

Sweat Wicking
4-way Stretch
Water Resistant


Sweat Wicking, 4-way Stretch, Anti-Odor, Smooth Finish, Quick Drying, High Support

PwrFlex™ is made to support you while you're crushing those workouts. Designed to give you that second-skin fit with an ultra-flattering smooth finish. Created using a high-performance polyester/spandex blend, this innovative material features four-way stretch for the supportive fit you need.

Sweat Wicking
4-way Stretch
Quick Drying
High Support


Waterproof, Heat Resistant, Dustproof, Wrinkle Resistant

A revolutionary lightweight premium nylon blend material that can withstand all weather conditions.

ChromTech™ is one of the most advanced fabrics that has extremely durable and elastic features that can endure through time.

Heat Resistant
Wrinkle Resistant


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